Beyond Yourself

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About Sponsorship

Sponsorship will become a very large part of me being able to complete this project. Financially, this is a very intense endeavor and the reality is, as much as I want to, I can't do this alone. By partnering with and sponsoring me, you are ensuring that I can stay focused on the most important tasks at hand: fundraising for Fields of Life, and training and preparing for the expeditions. Through sponsorship, you are equally making a difference by making this dream become a reality.

There are numerous benefits available to Sponsors, such as:

Personal Letter from Taylor

Personal Correspondence

Summit Flag Branding

Clothes Branding

Social Media Branding

Publicity Branding

& More

My goal is not: take money, spend it. My goal is to help you or your company in the best ways that I can. This to me is not just a donation, but it is a partnership that I will see through even past the summits. Lets work together to create the best plan that can equally benefit everyone. This is about more than just us, so lets make it that way. Partner with me, and together we will make a difference!

For inquiries and more information, please visit the contact page and select the Sponsorship box along with typed general inquiries and any questions you have.

Helping Future Dreamers

This is precisely the vision for the Beyond Yourself organization. So that when someone wants to commit to a dream or goal and do it for something more, they don't have to worry about funding. We would come along side them and partner with them directly, helping in any way we can. We would help relieve any burdens that they may have, answer questions, and provide constant, consistent service throughout the duration of their goal. That way their full focus can be solely on fundraising, preparation, and planning. This is something truly on my heart and I am excited as I continue to look towards the future for this organization. If you have any questions regarding this organization, how you can be a part, please visit the contact page and choose Beyond Yourself Organization along with your questions.