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The Plan

The Seven Summits are the highest point of each of the seven continents. Now you may look at this list and wonder why there are eight mountains counted in the summits category. That is because there is some controversy surrounding whether a couple of the summits are actually a part of the Seven Summits. The first Seven Summits list was first created and conquered by Richard Bass in 1985 who chose the highest mountain of mainland Australia, Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m or 7,310 ft), to represent the Australian continent's highest summit. Reinhold Messner created another list, replacing Mount Kosciuszko with Indonesia's Puncak Jaya, or Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m or 16,024 ft) which is far more technical and difficult. This is a commonly debated topic in the mountaineering world and to avoid all of that, I am going to climb both mountains and complete both lists. An argument can also be made for Mont Blanc to be the highest point in Europe, since Elbrus is in Russia and because the location of the boundary between Asia and Europe is not universally agreed upon, its inclusion in Europe is sometimes disputed. But because of the inclusion of Elbrus in both the Bass and Messner lists, along with the general consensus of the mountaineering community, I will not attempt Mont Blanc as a part of this project. I will additionally be trekking to Everest Base Camp and Island Peak in this time to train for the challenge of Everest and get a feel for the Himalayas.

I will be attempting to complete both the Bass and Messner lists before I turn 30 years old. As I am writing this, I am 22 years old and on my first day on Mount Kilimanjaro, the first mountain I will attempt, I will turn 23. That means I have to have completed the final mountain by January 19th, 2028. The current list I have featured below is a tentative plan to finish before that date. This could change as new issues arise and circumstances change. And if I could get the opportunity to do any of these peaks BEFORE the intended time, I will definitely do it. So really, take this list with a grain of salt because it can, and I'm almost 100% sure at some point it will, which is okay! This list is intended simply as a visual guide to the journey.

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Tentative Plan