Beyond Yourself

Image by Yoad Shejtman





Summit #1 - Kilimanjaro

The first climb I will be attempting is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. I will spend January 19th - January 28th on the mountain climbing via the Lemosho Route. I chose this route partially because of the spectacular views along the way, but mainly because it gives an extra day for acclimatization. I have spent pretty much my whole life at sea level, so I want to give myself the best chance to acclimatize. For those that may not know, acclimatization is the process of becoming accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions. So I will need to acclimatize to high altitude. Acclimatizing is your body developing an increase in the number of red blood cells to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, in order to compensate for lower levels of oxygen intake that occurs at higher altitudes. This route should give me the best chance of summiting and build up my strength and repertoire for Elbrus in the Fall.

For this climb, we will be raising $7,500 for the I Am Girl Initiative with Fields of Life. This will match the government contribution to the program and provide a number of services to the schools impacted by this program. If you feel led to help us reach this goal, please consider giving here. To learn more about what we're raising with this climb, please visit the Fields of Life page or contact me here.

I have estimated that this trip will cost around $7,500 for everything. I have to have the full amount of what I owe to my trekking company 60 days prior to the trip and I still need to book my flights. If you would like to partner with me in this expedition, please visit the Sponsorship page or contact me here.